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Entry #678

Why do fans prefer Sonic Adventure 2?

2013-03-03 22:33:51 by Chdonga

It's so underwhelming compared to Adventure 1. That Dark/Hero side mode was a joke. There were only three different gameplay styles, no hub - it's called Sonic Adventure - and the Biolizard was a lazy excuse for a final boss.
"But muh Shadow"
He only had four levels and they were horribly spread out.
Compared to Adventure 1, Adventure 2 aged like milk.


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2013-03-03 23:21:40

I say they both aged really well, aside from graphics, which aren't that bad. I personally love them both as much as the other. Plus, Biolizard was awesome, very difficult too.

Also, I'm surprised you're complaining Adventure 2 didn't have a hub world, as most people I've seen tend to dislike them in Sonic games.

Chdonga responds:

I hated Biolizard because he just came out of nowhere. And Finalhazard was only hard because of bad coding.
Sonic Adventure's hubs weren't big and empty like in Sonic '06 and the levels weren't counterproductively tucked away behind a corner like in Sonic Unleashed. I don't see what people hated about Adventure 1's hubs.


2013-03-03 23:58:33

why did the chicken cross the road

Chdonga responds:

Because the chicken knew his fans would defend whatever crazy shit he'd do.


2013-03-04 00:59:27

thats why I payed extra for metal sonic even though I never unlocked him


2013-03-04 16:36:51

I feel the same way you do. But i liked adventure 2's linearity and maybe if they made the levels a bit more open and hide secret power ups very well, it wouldve been a very welcome replacement.


2013-03-04 18:20:54

Biolizard doesn't come up out of nowhere, you can catch a small glimpse during this cutscene on the newspaper,
Yeah, it's extremely subtle, but it does mention him.

I haven't played the PS3/360 version of Sonic Unleashed yet, so I don't really know how the hub worlds are. How exactly do you enter levels in that version?

Chdonga responds:

Never noticed that. Still, it's weird that Gerald's idea for the ultimate lifeform went from a giant lizard to a hedgehog. With all those Artificial Chaos everywhere in the final levels I expected the final boss to be a Chaos replica, or something resembling Shadow.

All the levels for each country in Unleashed are placed in their own area, which made the hub completely useless.


2013-03-05 00:42:14

I've heard something about Gerald basing Shadow off of that picture of Sonic in Hidden Palace, but I have no clue if that's true or not. And was there a point for Artificial Chaos even being in Adventure 2? Or was it just there to be an annoying enemy?

That hub certainly sounds annoying, but I'm sure it's not that bad. In the Wii/PS2 version, there was no hub, just a country select/level select world menu. I also hear the the sun and moon medal is different, and you have to manually collect them in various locations throughtout each level, as opposed to earning them from beating stages.


2013-03-06 01:16:40

I really like SA more, if it comes to music.
SA2 improved Sonic's and Knuckles' gameplay.
Tails got reduced to E-102's gameplay, which was unfortunate.

So yeah...
Overall I think, that Sonic Adventure had more to offer than the sequel.