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I love videogames especially old school games. I've played almost every classic and I love making parody's of it in sprite animations. If you do not like Sprite animations please go watch actual drawings on another place or at least give it a chance.

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In 2016-ish I worked on a mockup for a card game using 2007-era NG UI assets. As far as I know I only ever shared it one time on Twitter and nowhere else, so here it is in all of its mocked up glory!




I've always had a fascination with deckbuilding games so I put a large amount of work in this project. I made a pack of cards for Tankman, a pack for Pico's School, and one for the Allstars which was totally unfinished. I also had plans for a Castle Crashers pack but I never got around to putting that one together.

Cards came in seven different auras:

  • Generic (No Aura): This card has no special effects. They're summoned for only a few funds but also dealt low damage.
  • Ability (Red Aura): This card is slightly stronger than Generic and has a simple effect.
  • Event (Blue Aura): This card deals no damage; The player must follow the instructions on the card then put it in the facedown pile once the instructions are followed to completion.
  • Taunt (Fab Aura): These cards need to be defeated before any other cards on the owner's side of the field can be damaged.
  • Healer (Green Aura): Restores health specified by the number by the wrench. The exclamation point determines how many times it can be used before getting sent to the facedown pile.
  • Special (Gold Aura): Same as Ability but more expensive and with more complicated effects (at least I think that was their purpose lol)
  • Ace (Jizz-White Aura): Sometimes it acts like a stronger Gold Aura sometimes it's a stronger Blue Aura. You can only have one on your side of the field at a time because they're so damn broken compared to everything else.

The concept was inspired by Hearthstone. Red, Gold, Fab, and White Auras didn't do enough to stand apart from one another, especially Fab cards which were only distinguished by their stats. Most of these cards were just Taunt and Taunt Breaker, which really means that if this were an actual cardgame it'd be some boring one-way Rock Paper Scissors crap. I must've gotten wrecked by a Taunt deck in Hearthstone and repressed the memory. Nevertheless I'm proud of the work put into this.

I have no intention of picking this back up or making this into an actual game. This was just something I did in college to kill time between classes. That being said, I have made the templates and more available in the Dumping Grounds for anyone to tamper with. You're free to do whatever with these. Photoshop CS5/6 or higher is probably needed to open the psd files as I made them in either CS5 or CS6. Credit would be appreciated.


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