Entry #631

I've never said my real name on Newgrounds

2012-10-04 23:06:40 by Chdonga

And considering all the people I've anally frustrated online, I shudder at the thought of someone knowing who I am.


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2012-10-05 02:10:32

Holy fucking sheep shit, you have a LOT of news entries!

Chdonga responds:

I deleted like two hundred back in '10.


2012-10-05 14:36:27

Imagine all of the people that'd wanna take you down. Even I shudder at the lemmings that could use the info to waste you.

(Updated ) Chdonga responds:

In '08 I pissed off so many people that they tried to make an anti-Chdonga club. They called it the C3E League or some shit that didn't make any sense.
One guy decided to Google my username and harass me on every site I ever signed up on. A few days after the redesign he even sent me a message. He's probably still watching me.