Entry #653

I am a changed man.

2012-11-15 20:35:14 by Chdonga

I have no car, I am unemployable, I may have lost my only chance at getting a girlfriend, and I'm probably bombing all my classes. I've been kicked out of my grandparents' house and I now must live with my mother, hellion siblings, and my violent mongoloid stepfather. I could easily whine to my grandparents to take me back, but I've been stricken with Stockholm's. My friends are all dating each other and I secretly hope each and every one of their relationships fall apart, slowly, and soul crushingly painfully. As much as I'd love to bring about this, I'll just sit back and watch it happen on its own.

With nothing to lose I have everything to gain.

My stupid moral code has gotten in the way. I've spent years refusing to read a tutorial because I want to self teach, or trying to make OC because I want all the credit. All it's done is hold me back. If I just asked around for a bit of help I could have made that Drill Dozer flash I joked about way back when. Hell, I could have made a game by now. I could have been a great content creator at 14 if I just asked for help.

Well today, I swallow my pride. I forgo my past and make way for a new future.

For years I've been working on a mock fanfic, The Adventures of Neo the Hedgehog. Well, starting today, I'm going to go back to working on it.
Something I've wanted to do for years is make a sprite comic. Since those are now irrelevant I doubt I'll get as much popularity as I would if I started in '07, but oh well.
Also, I'm gonna clean up my Youtube account and make a Let's Play channel.
I'll even upload a voice acting demo reel. And I will do this one very soon.

HEAR ME CITIZENS OF CYBERIA. I am no longer Chdonga, that annoying faggot on NGBBS. I will now, and forevermore be known as Chdonga, that annoying faggot on the internet!

I am a changed man.


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2012-11-15 20:35:25

Here's to hopes I get even five seconds of internet fame. And even if I don't become an e-celeb, if I can get this stuff done I'll at least be known for my intense determination.


2012-11-15 21:09:12


Chdonga responds:

You are just a youngling.
You'll understand in another four years.


2012-11-15 22:24:59

ah, pride, something that consumes us all.


2012-11-15 22:24:59

Good luck dude! I was thinking about doing my own comic but there are probably much better things I should spend time on... like animating. Looking forward to seeing yours though.


2012-11-16 20:27:27

*Sigh* God dammit.