Entry #658

Episode 4

2012-11-24 00:25:32 by Chdonga

I'm not abandoning this. Even though nobody even reads this I'm still enjoying mucking around in photoshop.

Episode 4


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2012-11-25 02:49:40

Oh man, I remember you, you're still active here since it says you posted that a day ago?

Anywho, do you remember me? I'm (Probably of the many) the sonic"fag" from a long time ago and god I wish I could delete my old shit, makes me wanna puke but I was just checkin' up on some old time buddies and nemesis' from Newgrounds and stumbled upon you. T'was wondering if we could get back in touch (No homo) maybe through dA? I mean- if you'd like?

If you don't mind, could you PM me by chance? That is, if you read this and care to talk again. I hope you can put my old childness aside, don't worry, I finally matured at least somewhat, no more of that really bad "my sonic story" shit, that makes me want to mash myself with a hammer.

(Updated ) Chdonga responds:

Don't delete your past man. Look back on it. Learn from your past mistakes. Even I still have all my crappy edgy fanfics up. Somewhere.