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Blast from the past

2012-12-27 23:09:49 by Chdonga

If it wasn't for my obsession with this song back in 2007 I don't think I would have ever discovered Newgrounds.


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2012-12-28 00:22:06

Yay! Glad Your here :]

Chdonga responds:

I found the song in a tutorial on ROMhacking pokemon games.
I had so many fun times in '07-'08. Trying to find free programs, but I was afraid police would knock down my door and arrest me on the spot so I was always trying to find free-but-non-pirated software.

I was so naive back then. I was too underground to use Google. Instead I used obscure search engines like Metacrawler (is that even a thing anymore?). I can't tell you how many times I was given deadlinks. I actually went to a gamestop and asked if they sold AdvanceMap and AdvanceText.
Then when I finally found the tools to hack a pokemon game I didn't know what to do with it. Tutorials all said they need a ROM, but I didn't know what those were and everyone I asked just danced around my question. Eventually I gave up looking and discovered some shoddy sprite fic series. I think it was called "Pokefic". It was terribad and made in MS Paint or Powerpoint.
Eventually I made my own series. I hosted it up on my googlepages website, which is now long gone. In my journey for more sprites I discovered Spriters Resource. I made an account on their forum, Pixeltendo and got permabanned in no more than a month. Well technically it's not permanent. It lifts in thirty years. Shortly afterwards I discovered Psychosis91's Thwomp series and I was determined to make a Sprite Flash myself. I made an account on the site and left it on my own accord (The forum was depressingly empty). I constantly watched Psychosis91's and Alvin Earthworm's flash series, as well as other sprite flash artists out there back then. Also I read lots of Dr. Shnaps comics. I thought they were funny back when I was 12 and 13, but now, I find them painful to read.

Anyway, I spent months wandering the interwebs for sprites and sprite flashes and eventually discovered the aptly named Flashportal.com. While watching a sprite flash I accidentally clicked the Newgrounds logo, thinking it was another game. After I made an account I spent the rest of 8th grade developing character on Newgrounds. Before NG I was an oversensitive weeaboo obsessed with race, anime, shoddy sprites, and youtube poops. Newgrounds helped me not whine about everything, and I've learned more here than in school or from my parents. As I grew I became more cynical, more snide, more sarcastic. Basically everybody else on Newgrounds.

And now I'm a fully functioning member of 4chan. Fox & graping anything that's not an exclusive PS3 title.


2012-12-28 03:04:13

:3 glad yur here too! I love the song!! it b cool to use that in a flash cartoon!