Entry #668

If only I had programmed you differently back then...!

2013-01-19 13:34:35 by Chdonga

It would have been genius. It's the only mistake I've made in my life!


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2013-01-19 13:40:56

Dr Wily. Megaman powered up.

Chdonga responds:

You're winner.


2013-01-19 14:31:15

You`v been here for a long while, But you didn`t do anything interesting, You are nothing but Oblivion of NG.

Chdonga responds:

I've made a few flashes and art.
I've only been here for some four years. We've got users from 2000 with no real contributions to the site.


2013-01-21 02:33:43

Stop giving away my title exacker.

Chdonga responds: