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Why do fans prefer Sonic Adventure 2?

2013-03-03 22:33:51 by Chdonga

It's so underwhelming compared to Adventure 1. That Dark/Hero side mode was a joke. There were only three different gameplay styles, no hub - it's called Sonic Adventure - and the Biolizard was a lazy excuse for a final boss.
"But muh Shadow"
He only had four levels and they were horribly spread out.
Compared to Adventure 1, Adventure 2 aged like milk.


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2013-03-04 00:59:27

thats why I payed extra for metal sonic even though I never unlocked him


2013-03-04 16:36:51

I feel the same way you do. But i liked adventure 2's linearity and maybe if they made the levels a bit more open and hide secret power ups very well, it wouldve been a very welcome replacement.


2013-03-06 01:16:40

I really like SA more, if it comes to music.
SA2 improved Sonic's and Knuckles' gameplay.
Tails got reduced to E-102's gameplay, which was unfortunate.

So yeah...
Overall I think, that Sonic Adventure had more to offer than the sequel.