Entry #687

This game fills me with a seething rage.

2013-03-28 20:04:24 by Chdonga

HERadventure. This ... thing is an abomination of a game received $100,000 in grant money. A wretched pile of filth that should never see the light of day. The story and setting for this game is one of the most arrogant things I've ever read. Mankind has spent centuries trying to prove that humans aren't the center of the universe and these moronic developers form a story in which women control the fate of existence. In one fell swoop these developers forgo centuries of research. Centuries. Even the game's name is arrogant. HERadventure, As if there has never before been a game in which the protagonist was a female. Do these developers truly believe they can end female oppression through a medium of entertainment dominated by males?

I pray to every god, goddess, and demigod that this game receives the worst ratings and even worse sales.


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2013-03-28 23:21:47

It's just closed minded. You don't close the sex gap by pointing out that men and women are so different, one sex should specifically get a game about said sex. It's like racism; you don't thwart racism by promoting this race over that race. You start by viewing people as people, not as men, or women, or white, or black, but as people. You start by advocating complete equality. This is doing the exact opposite. It's treating women is something COMPLETELY different from the other half of the human race, and they're not. They're exactly like everyone else. Well, except for that birth thing. But that's negligible.

Anyway, whoever thinks this is a good idea probably isn't getting far in life. I know for a fact this college isn't producing any thinking graduates if they advocate a separation of man and woman as a means to stop what they advocate. Then again, what can you expect from an all-woman college? It's self-segregation, so I guess it's nothing out of the ordinary. Also...why is everyone black? A black-only women's college? Too bad the real world isn't one-race one-gender, or else that might come off as normal :P

Chdonga responds:

The demographic this game appeals to is so small that it wouldn't make a difference in society. Maybe some feminists will buy the game and brag about it on their bliggity blogs like they've made a triumph, but that's the most that will come out of this game. The game will bomb and nothing will change.