Entry #700

Just got hit with the nostalgia bomb.

2013-05-07 17:06:11 by Chdonga

So I just found a 256MB flash drive that contained an old sprite comic series I inexplicably made in PowerPoint. It was about my cousin and I going on a pokemon adventure with Dawn in an original region I made up. Also there was an evil team who tries to fuse pokemon and create an army of Eldritch abominations to take over the world. I stole tons of splices and fakemon and made tons of recolors for the series too. It's terrible by 2013 standards, but I'm sure it would have been fun to look back at if I actually uploaded it somewhere.


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2013-05-07 17:07:11

I've also thought about remaking the series. I have character bios and everything. But I can't draw for shit. So it'll just be a concept.


2013-05-07 19:29:08

Sounds like it would have been one of my favorites. I remember I used to make rom hacks of pokemon emerald and placed custom pokemon in extra slots added twelve more cities of a new region and new characters. Sadly, in 2008 a storm killed my computer I lost everything but now know to have three spare flash drivers with me.


2013-05-07 21:16:07

>>implying 256 MB is small

bitches dont know bout my 1.44 MB floppies like its 1995


2013-05-08 03:24:47

Sounds like something you should upload, an international kick of nostalgia! 2013 standards aren't as harsh as you may think...


2013-05-08 18:02:15

Don't be dissing furry porn, bro.

Chdonga responds:

We have yet to see how Madnesscombat98867 will contribute to the site.