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Cute artstyle. Keep up the good work!

Very cute! Alma is a really neat character and Rasty's pretty adorable too

nuclear-smash responds:

Thank you, glad you liked the main gals!

It's a pretty good first start. I think it moves a little too slow so the hits don't feel as powerful as they should. It's an easy fix though.

Keep at it. You'll only get better with practice.

It's been a while since I watched a good sprite flash. And it looks like you had a great time making it. I can't wait to see more of this!

Really good for a first film! I sure hope it makes it into the smash collab.

Not a very accurate review.

Outside of dumb guy, hot wife, and a talking pet, the similarities between American Dad and Family Guy end there. They don't even have a similar style of humor.

You mentioned in your description that TBS picked it up, but you didn't mention any of the changes that were made to the series (and the only change I've noticed is that they can say "shit" uncensored.)

All in all, your review sounded like you only watched a few episodes from the very first season.

This was good satire. I don't know who is sillier. People who eat Oreos to support gay marriage, or people who are eating Chick Fil-A to show they're against gay marriage.

Better than I expected.

This flash was indeed like a stereotypical DBZ sprite flash, but what makes this different is it's much better than many I've seen. The animation was great but even though neither won, it seemed like Vegeta was still too weak. I liked the bit of Japanese dialog in there, but unless they were just yelling, subtitles would be nice for those who can't speak Japanese. Overall, it was a good test flash.

OLD293 responds:

They were just yelling lol. I tried to even out Vegeta and Gohan as much as possible. Vegeta wasn't getting beat badly, but he wasn't winning either. He got hits in every now and then, and Gohan clearly had the upper hand (he was toying with him, wasn't really affected by attacks, etc.) It was like Gohan vs Cell except Cell is Vegeta. You've had the best balanced review so far of positive/negative feedback. People on this site really need to learn how to review, they don't know the meaning of the word "encouragement".

I didn't like it.

The sound quality was poor, Luigi was just a recolor of Mario, you should've made him taller ad made his nose bigger so he'll look more like Luigi. The background was 8-bit but since Mario and Luigi weren't it clashed. The animation was OK but it could've been more precise.


It was a good movie, the music and sound was good. The only real problem was the quality of the sprites, they seemed rounded which doesn't look good. Either way it was still great.

kawaiiminda responds:

oh, sorry about that.
I thought they might look better if i would of done that but i guess not right? lol!
Thanks though im really glad you enjoyed the video.

I love videogames especially old school games. I've played almost every classic and I love making parody's of it in sprite animations. If you do not like Sprite animations please go watch actual drawings on another place or at least give it a chance.

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