I love videogames especially old school games. I've played almost every classic and I love making parody's of it in sprite animations. If you do not like Sprite animations please go watch actual drawings on another place or at least give it a chance.

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You'd think it wouldn't be difficult to make a competent crossover between Disney and Square Enix characters without a clone army of original characters muddling everything up (and Aqua being not relevant at all). 

The OCs should act as a vehicle to bring the two franchises together, but instead the OCs act as the focal point and fill the game up with a bunch of characters we are forced to like because everyone else is reduced to cardboard boxes spewing out lines vaguely similar to what they said in their movies.

My favorite bosses in KH1 had to be Hades, Jafar, and Chernabog for how big and menacing they were. I think the Heartless should only exist as a common enemy while the Disney (and by proxy Squeenix) villains remain as bosses. 

It would be better if they had a full reboot, but the plot is salvageable. Nomura needs to die in a belt factory fire. They must shift the focus onto the worlds and less on Sora and his heartbuddies, it will feel more like a crossover and less like a fanfic if they could make it more about Disney/Squeenix. They should have Sora, Dolan, and Gooby go to new worlds to find the bravest heroes to help him defeat the Darkness. These heroes should be Disney/Squeenix characters exclusively.  

Also, the heartless need to make a harder sound when they die. That pathetic little puff of air doesn't cut it. And big bosses should have an actual death animation. Boss battles always end in that obnoxious freeze frame, but what I hate is how more often than not, the boss is simply gone in the following cutscene. Not even so much as a scene of them vanishing into smoke. Is that laziness or incompetence?

They need to forgo that stupid excuse about not bringing characters into different worlds. "B-b-but that would be meddling!" Who cares? A countless number of worlds could be destroyed. You guys will need all the help you can get. And just imagine the character interaction between Hercules and a non-faggy Cloud. World subplots need to stop being a rehash of the movie with Darkness shoehorned in. And of course, we need some Squeenix worlds. Why are there no Squeenix worlds?

In summary: If KH3 doesn't let me bro it up with Sully and Sahz (or however chocofro's name is spelled) to fight Ultimecia and the dude from Black Cauldron, then I'm going to learn how to use Unity, and then I'll just make my own Square x Disney crossover action-RPG.

No wait I never finish shit I'll have someone else do it and I write the plot.


Posted by Chdonga - May 13th, 2015

But knowing my track record of not finishing shit, I won't make any promises.

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I shared pocky with them and took a picture.

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