I love videogames especially old school games. I've played almost every classic and I love making parody's of it in sprite animations. If you do not like Sprite animations please go watch actual drawings on another place or at least give it a chance.

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Chdonga's News

Posted by Chdonga - July 22nd, 2014

It's not going to be that minimalistic garbage a lot of indie devs like to pass off as 8-bit. I'm using a program called Aseprite. It has some cool features that should make it easy for me to make animated sprites. I recommend it to any pixel art enthusiast.


I've been working on a game in RPG Maker VX Ace since the beginning of July. I'm making all the sprites from scratch. I've found a bunch of scripts to make up for the fact that I'm using RPG Maker. I also found a music making app for Android but unless it's as accessible as Mario Paint I probably won't have a good time with it. Since RPG Maker doesn't have browser support nobody will ever play my game but w/e. Anything to help me procrastinate from the upcoming test I'll have to take to get into the graphics design course in my college.

Posted by Chdonga - July 19th, 2014

I just checked the classic portal and noticed some kid uploaded a game made in Unity. Was this a recent addon or has Newgrounds had Unity support for a while? Last time I checked the wiki it said NG didn't support it. And I check in this site daily and I've never seen an announcement.

Posted by Chdonga - June 21st, 2014


Posted by Chdonga - June 11th, 2014

Whenever I see one of my friends getting engaged I suddenly get reminded that I still don't have a girlfriend.

Then I remember I'm not a girl and I don't have to follow the arbitrary social standards of getting married before my mid twenties.

Then I remember I'm a male and I DO have to follow the arbitrary social standards of getting a girlfriend before I turn twenty, then keeping her long enough to marry her before her mid twenties. With that relieving realization I realize I do not have much time left before my status as a permavirgin beta loser faggot becomes immortalized.

Stupid social standards. At least I can use them as a scapegoat for my own, often arbitrary insecurities.

Posted by Chdonga - June 5th, 2014


Posted by Chdonga - May 30th, 2014

Too bad if I listen to it too much the FBI will think I'm planning a shooting.

Posted by Chdonga - May 23rd, 2014


Posted by Chdonga - May 16th, 2014



Posted by Chdonga - May 10th, 2014


Posted by Chdonga - April 17th, 2014

Now I can burn money even more efficiently!