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BREAKING NEWS - Newgrounds is back and it's here to corrupt youths again with an epic new assassin game!

Yomuchan responds:

I should make another. Maybe next weekend when I get some free time?

Very amazing game! Revolutionary even! Proof that graphics don't matter as long as the gameplay is solid. Great soundtrack too!! Good work gamers!!!

Little-Rena responds:

Thank you, yes, otherwise, people wouldn't go back and play retro games!

Wegra responds:

Me personally I think Graphics and Gameplay have to be balanced. In this case this game boasted excellent graphics and gameplay which is likely why its getting such acclaim

I hope everyone had a happy fappy brappy and slappy Christmas!
These are the kind of events that bring people together and I couldn't be happier to have been part of the thing!! It was a wild ride and I wish for many more!

Chdonga responds:

Woah wtf I can reply to my own review

Not bad if this is your first game. The jump needs to be tweaked a little bit. Sometimes the second jump doesn't respond and the jump arc is too low.

EDIT: Almost forgot, if you're gonna have the player click on objects you should always map movement to the WASD keys.

Just keep at it, my man.

wdk9 responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm gonna make a little update, adressing some of the criticisms I've gotten from my freinds playtesting, reviews I've gotten, and some stuff I was told on 4chan, so thanks for this information, and thanks for playing!

It's definitely not the worst game I've ever played.
The jumping is very floaty which really hurts the overall experience. The graphics are a lot worse than the thumbnail and the achievement icons would imply. I also found myself randomly dying from nothing after the third waves.
If you simply fixed the jumping and the hitboxes, this would be a much better game.

hicham responds:

im on it! :)

Simple, yet good.

Even though this game isn't the nicest looking, it's very fun. I liked how as you go through, the stage moves faster and faster. The only thing that could be improved is the sound quality and you could add a background. But if you want to make it more of a challenge, you could add more hazards, like moving spikes or power ups that slow Sonic down or speed him up.

A decent first flash.

The parts of the gun aren't very detailed, the bodies are just differently sized rectangles. Everything should be two or three times bigger and some background music wouldn't hurt.


4 is not enough parameters to edit. You should also be able to edit the reaction time, the graphics and the music, that would make it more like a design game. It would make more sense to just click the mouse to shoot instead of needing to hold it down. If it is a horizontal shooter, the background makes no sense, because the background is for a top-down shooter. Also the Hero should be able to walk around the stage.

Not very good.

This game contains lots of glitches. The majority of the time, the blocks go off the screen. The music and sound effect is annoying. It really didn't seem like a chocolate themed Tetris, but Tetris with different colored blocks.


The game is great because it's so simple. The graphics are amazing for a four or five color limit. And even the music is good.

I love videogames especially old school games. I've played almost every classic and I love making parody's of it in sprite animations. If you do not like Sprite animations please go watch actual drawings on another place or at least give it a chance.

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